The company’s experience has always been pleasant with conveyor service. For the OE manufacturers, the company offers quality assistance in the auto-component localization.

Our service includes:

  • Engineering development arrangement
  • Laboratory testing
  • Preparation of documents
  • Calculations and PPAP

Our OE supplier is reconfirmed annually. This includes passing audits of US and foreign automobiles manufacturers and their Teir 1 suppliers.

Why cooperate with us?

Our company provides the quality service which is oriented towards your satisfaction.

You can hire us if you:

  1. Want full compliance with international OEM requirements. This concerns the Quality Management System.
  2. Want successful many years of experience of service. This service extends to the national as well as international OEM network.
  3. Item testing to your satisfaction along with capacities for in-house development
  4. Transparency in dealing as well as orientation of attention to your needs

Where Do I start?

Follow the following steps to begin using our services:

  1. You will need to send an enquiry via the enquiry form presented below. This will start the dialogue with us. Upon receiving the dialogue, we will provide the relevant information which is in accordance to your needs.
  2. If the information received is in accordance to your needs, we will offer you a chance to survey our BIG filter production facilities. The time can be chosen regarding your feasibility.
  3. You will have to send request of formalized quotation (RFQ) for specific orders. We will reply by preparing a quotation as per your need.