For Suppliers

The Viz Company always focuses on flexible and quality cooperation with suppliers. Our major aim is to become your long-term partner.

Since the dealings with suppliers are always of high standards, following qualities are expected from the partners:

  1. Mutually beneficial offers of prices
  2. Punctual Delivery
  3. Provision of products that agree with high standards of quality, ecology and safety.
  4. Viz Filter values the product quality. Ensuring the quality of bought products and services is essential in our dealings. For this reason, the suppliers need to have their own production. Apart from this, the suppliers need to organize operation in compliance to ISO9001.
  5. The suppliers are to be ready for regular evaluation. This is a condition which is essential for ensuring permanent cooperation with them.

For the comfort of suppliers, the company has arranged tender based purchases. The rules of participation and tenders’ information are given in section under same name.

The company is seeking the constant expansion of alternative supplier base. This is to ensure the provision of reliable channels of delivery.