VIZ Filters Appoints Distributor in Pakistan

Premium Suppliers 0f OEM Filters; VIZ Filters Appoints Paracha Auto Parts Co, as Its Sole Distributor of the VIZ Brand

Alliance ensures availability of high-quality products and services around the globe. The market leading manufacturers of OEM filters; VIZ filters is thrilled to bring to notice of the general public that it has appointed the highly regarded and well renowned Pakistani’s Paracha Auto parts Co. as its sole distributor of Viz brand. Under the agreement, PAPCo will become the primary provider of VIZ brand to both domestic and international markets.

VIZ Filters is the premium supplier of OEM filters for a wide range to automobiles including passenger vehicles and transportation trucks. “we are delighted to be partnering with Paracha Auto Parts Co. for the distribution of our VIZ brand, it is an immense opportunity to us, says Abdul Salam CEO of VIZ filters. We are set to increase our presence in the OEM filter market across the globe with the technical collaboration and increased capital.”

The relationship with VIZ filters is in line with our expansion plans and business vision, says Muhammed Aamir Paracha, Managing Director of Paracha Auto Parts. We have 60% annual growth rate and adding the high-quality VIZ OEM Filter which is in high demand in both domestic and international markets to our extensive portfolio, we can provide our customers with a total solution to their filter needs.”

About VIZ Filter Company

Viz Filter Company is one of the well-established companies. It uses the trademark of Viz Filter on all of its high-quality products in the market. The services of the company include the development, production, and sales of all the automobile filters. The company was initiated in 2004. From its initiation to the present day, the Viz filter company is still one of the unique and quality filter manufacturers in the USA. The proof of its high-quality standards is in the fact that its products are approved for global delivery across the OEM plants. This is not the only proof. Their products are also a standard in the international aftermarket and their service extends to 30 countries. Other than the CSI countries, their services are also supplied to Pakistan, USA, Egypt, Canada, UK, Italy, Finland, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, Syria, Iran and even Poland. The list is not conclusive. The company is constantly updating to remain among the top services in marketplaces. The only thing the company never changes is its high standards which form the foundation of its services.

About Paracha Auto Parts Co

They are leading manufacturer of automotive filters with two flagship filter brands ZIX Performance Filters and ICON Economy Filters tailored toward high-end and budget markets respectively. They are the quality manufacturer of the oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, and hydraulic filters. Their continuous research and technology innovation efforts make sure that automotive filter users receive top quality filter for their vehicle engine and machinery. There is never a quality compromise on our filter products, therefore, they offer a money back guarantee on its products. They also manufacture private label filters with your brand name on it.

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