Fuel filters

All the main kinds of engines are covered in our list of filter manufactures.

Most of them are supplied directly to the conveyor. The networks of majority of automobile filters are guaranteed. The international export is also ensured.

The Viz filter has following unique features:

  1. The Viz Filter ensures production of fuel plastic carburetors and diesel filters. Not many companies nowadays can make the same claim since these filters are suited for old cars.
  2. Injection fuel filters are manufactured in special housings. These housings are made up of various materials like stainless steel, aluminum and plastic.

Air filters

The air filters of Viz Filter Company are no exception from the high standard products. The demand of air filters is increasing both on national and international scale.

The laboratory owned by the company complies with some of highest standards such as ISO 71460, ISO 5011 and GOST 8002. The testing done by this company leaves no room for any mistake or defect in the filters.

While most air filters are designed generally for all plants, some plants may demand a design of special air filters. These specific designs conform to needs of those plants. They are patented products.

The company specializes in filter elements production as well as air filter assembly manufacturing.



Cabin filters

The cabin filters manufacturing started in 2008. These cabin filters have stormed the markets of Russia due to their high performance and low prices.

The laboratory of company excels in performing high quality tests on these filters. The laboratory owned by the company complies with some of highest standards such as ISO 71460, ISO 5011 and GOST 8002.

The cabin filters are increasing in their range. This is to cope with increasing demand and changing requirements. Currently, the company has over 400 types of these filters.

Oil filters

The development of oil filters is ever dynamic. The company doesn’t compromise updating its filter models to suit the modern needs. Currently, there are more than hundred part numbers of oil filters for majority of well-known car and truck makers.

The unique dark green color and neat packing distinguishes these filters from others.
The laboratory conforms to highest standards while testing these products for possible defects. All products which circulate in market are in top working condition.

Lately, the company has been inclined to increase the range of oil removable filter elements. This is because their demand has substantially increased in market.

Special filters

This category of filters includes filters which are manufactured outside main range groups. These may be air dryers, hydraulic systems, gas analyzer filter which are manufactured by company on special orders.


Our carburetors and diesel filters are manufactured from best materials. These include non-inflammable plastic with superior strength and petrol proof property. The filters are then tested to check for possible leaks or manufacturing faults. It is quite possible to trace the soiling level by the virtue of transparent housing. These filters prevent corrosion for all engines by their water proof quality.

The normative capacity for carburetors is 15-20 kilometers. Filters can be classified on the basis of design, structure and connecting dimensions.

Some of the US passenger cars and light commercial vehicles as well as the minibuses have pipelines of 8mm diameter. This diameter can change, depending on the vehicle. Another common width of diameter is 6mm. For the worn-out hoses, a firm mounting of filters is recommended. The mounted filters should have7x9mm dimension.

The filters are no less than high quality products. This is proved by the fact that incomplete filling by the fuel or position of filter doesn’t affect its filtration quality or engine operation.

The filters that have sedimentation tank are to be positioned vertically. This ensures that dirt and water settle at the filter’s bottom. Petrol is also retained in the filter for the long term time.


The fuel filters with fuel injection system are also available. It is used for purification of its fuel from impurities such as soot, rust and water.

Fuel injection filter production was commenced in 1993. In 1994, the company started releasing the pioneer filters. However, the supply was only for the exports. This trend continued till 1997. After 1997, company began using special filter paper. This paper usage showed promise particularly in purification and capacity purposes.

In the year of 1997, another task was achieved. The trade of BIG filter injection filters was commenced for the US markets.

What made the fuel injection filter much demanded product was its reasonable price and excellent performance. The company released more of these products made from superb strength plastic due to increasing demands.


The fuel contains some impurities like water and admixtures. Its removal is necessary for smooth performance of automobiles. The filter of diesel fuel purification accomplishes this task. It also ensures the protection of high pressure pump of diesel engine.

A soiled filter is harmful to the engine. It can cause interruption in smooth operation. This interruption if continued for longer duration can stop the engine. The purified fuel ensures smoother and optimized experience with the engines.

The Viz Filter Company has much to offer to the car owners. It has above 100 diesel filter part numbers. These are further divided into filter for primary cleaning of fuel and filters. This also leads to fine purification. All the impurities are removed.


The original air round filters started getting manufactured in 2008. In March 2010, the original design was thoroughly modified to conform to changing standards. This approach was very successful. This is proved by the fact that these products are used in all the modern automobile equipment. The demand of these products is increasing in US and other international markets.

To the present day, the air round filters have progressed a lot. Now, the company offers more than 100 part numbers. It also covers the virtual application for all the car makers which are known. The well-deserved recognition of these products from all the car owners resulted due to fruitful investment of company in its design.


The VIZ filter panels are produced using high quality filter papers. The manufacturing process conforms to highest of standards.

What makes the air filter panels near perfect products is the utilization of computers. Human error cannot occur since highly optimized machines are behind the process of manufacturing. This leads to high quality with reasonable prices and high user demand.

Currently, new revolutionary technologies are being introduced for some of the types of panel filters. The metal mesh is being replaced by polymeric reinforcement strips. This ensures extra strength of structure.

The absence of metal in filter design is an upgrade. The emissions are significantly reduced. The engine operation also becomes extra reliable. Added to this, the usage of exhausted filter also comes much easier.

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