Our carburetors and diesel filters are manufactured from best materials. These include non-inflammable plastic with superior strength and petrol proof property. The filters are then tested to check for possible leaks or manufacturing faults. It is quite possible to trace the soiling level by the virtue of transparent housing. These filters prevent corrosion for all engines by their water proof quality.

The normative capacity for carburetors is 15-20 kilometers. Filters can be classified on the basis of design, structure and connecting dimensions.

Some of the US passenger cars and light commercial vehicles as well as the minibuses have pipelines of 8mm diameter. This diameter can change, depending on the vehicle. Another common width of diameter is 6mm. For the worn-out hoses, a firm mounting of filters is recommended. The mounted filters should have7x9mm dimension.

The filters are no less than high quality products. This is proved by the fact that incomplete filling by the fuel or position of filter doesn’t affect its filtration quality or engine operation.

The filters that have sedimentation tank are to be positioned vertically. This ensures that dirt and water settle at the filter’s bottom. Petrol is also retained in the filter for the long term time.